Journalists Visit "Haunted" PA Home, Now Believe in Existence of Ghosts


Two journalists, who were skeptical as to the existence of ghosts, are now believers after visiting the home of DeAnna Simpson.

Simpson, who resides in Hanover, Pa., has been featured on local news stations and the Travel Channel on account of her home, which she claims is haunted.

Most recently, two journalists, WPMT-TV’s Katie Kyros and photojournalist Nick Petrillo, visited Mrs. Simpson’s home. The two went to the Hanover woman's home to explore her claims that she had seen a 7-foot tall "shadow man," heard voices and been the victim of strange scratches.

At first glance, the home seemed normal. “Basically, when we walked in the home, I didn’t feel anything at first,” Petrillo said during an on-air report. But after a few moments, “I felt — it was something like a piece of hot metal almost … I looked down on my wrist and I noticed there was a scratch there.”

When speaking of the possibility of the existence of ghosts, Petrillo said, “I actually didn’t really believe in [the existence of ghosts] until this actually happened,” he said. “I was very skeptical of it until this.”

Petrillo's scratch did not seem to shock Mrs. Simpson. In fact, she had a theory as to why Petrillo was "targeted."

“You know why? Because you’re telling the story,” said Simpson of Petrillo's injury, “Because you’re putting it out there … I’m telling you right now, that is their way of [sending] a warning.”

According to The Blaze, Kyros "reported that she was also touched and pinched inexplicably while at the home."

Simpson claims that she and her husband would like to move out of the house, but that they would need to sell it in order to be able to afford a new home. 


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