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Journalist Harassed by Law Enforcement for Photographing Police Station, Courthouse (Video)

Jeffrey Gray, a journalist, recently traveled to Glynn County, Ga. where a 70-year-old woman was slammed to the pavement by police earlier this month.

In a video (below) shot by Gray (pictured), he is photographing the Glynn County Sheriff’s Department and courthouse from a public sidewalk for

According to, Gray was confronted by two Glynn County court bailiffs.

“What can I do for you?" asked one baliff. "What are you taking pictures of? You got some ID?”

The first bailiff grabs Gray's "primary" camera, but he was still able to shoot the incident with a "back-up camera."

Moments later, a second bailiff approaches Gray and states, “Let me tell you something right now. If you took a picture of those inmates going into that courthouse, you and I are going to have a problem."

Gray then hands the baliffs a card that states that he is invoking his Miranda Rights.

He also asks the second baliff to "cite me a statute that says I can't take photographs in a public place."

The second baliff responds by saying, "This is not a public place, this is ours... I can and will put you in jail for violating that."

The bailiffs eventually harass an unidentified bystander watching the situation.

In a second video (below), Gray educates Glynn County Sheriff Neal Jump with copies of the law.

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