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Joshua Wood Shot and Killed for Nike Air Jordan XI 'Bred' Shoes

Joshua Wood, who was shot on Friday over a pair of Nike Air Jordan XI 'Bred' shoes, has died in Harris County, Texas.

Wood and another man bought several pairs of the newly-released  Air Jordan XI "Bred" sneakers on Friday morning at the Willowbrook Mall, reports the Houston Chronicle.

As the driver stopped at his house, a green car pulled up, an armed man got out and demanded the shoes, which cost about $185.

The driver took off running with the armed man shooting at him. While the driver knocked on a neighbor's door for help,  another armed man started firing at Wood, who was still in the car.

Although wounded, Wood got behind the wheel of the car and drove away. He crashed between two houses, hitting a gas line.

Wood was taken to Houston Northwest Hospital on Friday, where he died today.


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