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Joseph Anthony Castellanos Pours Hot Sauce On Girlfriend, Tries To Push Her Into Oven

A Utah man has been accused of brutally attacking his girlfriend and trying to force her into an oven, police said.

Joseph Anthony Castellanos, of Sandy, Utah, was arrested around 2 a.m. on June 26 after he allegedly punched and kicked his girlfriend while holding her against her will for hours, WorldWide Weird News reported.

The 31-year-old came home and was upset that his girlfriend did not visit him at work. Castellanos proceeded to punch the woman several times in the face and body, kicked her in the ribs, and threatened to kill her.

He reportedly then stabbed the top of her head with a kitchen knife, held another knife to her throat and stabbed her at least five times with a fork.

Castellanos then urinated on her before pouring hot sauce and ranch dressing on her and trying to push her into an oven, but he was only able get her feet inside.

She managed to call 911 using a cellphone that she hid in the bathroom. Police found the woman “bloody and bruised” when they arrived at the home.

Sandy Police Lt. Victor Quezada said Castellanos tried to convince the woman to lie to the cops by saying she was assaulted by someone else.

Castellanos is also accused of stomping and kicking the woman’s dog that was hiding under the table. Castellanos caused almost $2,250 in damage to a laptop and two cellphones.

According to, alcohol was believed to be a factor in the incident. A possible prior aggravated assault against the woman on June 12 is also being investigated.

Sources: WorldWide Weird

Photo Credit: Salt Lake County Jail, State Farm/Flickr Creative Commons


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