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Jose Perez, Denied Sex By Ill Girlfriend, Accused Of Violently Assaulting Her

A man in Mesa, Ariz. is facing well-deserved jail time after he allegedly beat up his girlfriend of just three months because she told him she didn’t feel like having sex with him.

According to police, 33-year-old Jose Perez came home drunk on Sunday morning to a house on the 500 block of South Olive Street in Mesa. In his inebriated state, he had one thing on his mind.

His girlfriend, whose name has not been publicized, was not in the mood however. She told him that she wasn’t feeling well. In fact, she was feeling too sick to have sex with him. Whether she was simply sickened by the sight of an inebriated, inappropriately amorous Perez stumbling in at seven o’clock in the morning, or whether she actually had some kind of illness is not clear.

What is clear is that Perez (pictured) was frustrated by her declining his offer of sex. So, according to police, he attacked her violently, fracturing the bridge of her nose and her eye socket. He threatened to kill her if she called the authorities.

Then he went to sleep.

As Perez dozed, the victim snuck out of the house to a neighbor’s home and, defying Perez’s threats, called the police. The man denied having struck his girlfriend but when cops asked how she got her facial injuries, given that there was no other adult in the house, Perez had no answer.

According to statistics compiled by the American Bar Association and Department of Justice, approximately 25 percent of women are assaulted by a boyfriend, husband or a date partner at some point in their lives. About 1.3 million women are victims of partner assault every year in America.

Men are also victims of domestic violence, with 7.6 percent of men suffering a partner assault in their lifetimes and 835,000 each year.

SOURCES: Arizona Republic, New York Daily News, PRWeb


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