Jordan Powers, 18, Living with Teacher; Mom Confronts Them on Dr. Phil

The matter of the California teacher who left his family to shack up with an 18-year-old student is now talk show fodder -- the couple appeared on Dr. Phil along with the girl's angry mother.

As Opposing Views reported earlier this month, 41-year-old James Hooker resigned his job at Enochs High School in Modesto after it was revealed that he is now living with a former student, 18-year-old Jordan Powers.

Jordan's mother has been publicly critical of the coupling, calling Hooker a "pervert" and "child molester" in Facebook rants.

On Tuesday the trio took their troubles to Dr. Phil, where the mother continued her rant.

"I think you're self-serving. I think you're selfish," Tammie Powers told Hooker. "I think you're ruining my child with this."

Hooker, though, defends the relationship, saying nothing physical ever happened before Jordan turned 18. But Dr. Phil pointed out that phone records show two dozen texts and calls between the two before she turned 18 last September. Jordan said they were school-related, but Dr. Phil wasn't buying that.

"I've raised two kids and I've never had this kind of contact going on between a teacher and student," he said.

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