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Killer Joran van der Sloot Could be Out of Jail in 7 Years

So much for that 35-year sentence for murder. It seems that, depending on what Joran van der Sloot shows the police today in the crime re-enactment (which is done in every case), he could be sentenced to as little as 15 years for the death of Stephany Flores Ramirez.

Apparently, if he is good, works in the prison and takes classes, he could be released within 7 years. That means he won't even be 30 yet.

Yes, I know all of you say that he would then be extradited to the U.S., but after seven years they might not care about an extortion case that old, and they might not even try and extradite him. The best hope is that he says something about Natalee Holloway's death and gets convicted of that when he gets out of the Peruvian jail.

I worry that this guy, when he gets out at 30, is going to be an even worse psychopath, and that he won't be done killing at all. He would just be getting started.


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