Jonique Webster Arrested 9 Hours After Leaving Prison For Burglarizing Prosecutor’s Home


A convict was arrested nine hours after his release from prison for trying to burglarize a Central Texas prosecutor’s home.

Jonique Ramon Webster, who had already served 10 years, was given 40 more years in prison Thursday for attempting to burglarize the home of Assistant District Attorney Gabrielle Massey on June 27.

Webster had just gotten off the bus in Waco after his release from state prison for home burglary. He was walking around the city and picked the home of Massey, a McLennan County prosecutor, according to court records.

A neighbor called police, and Webster was caught with $20 cash, car and house keys, a TiVo remote and a bicycle.

Webster was not aware the house he was attempted to burglarize belonged to a prosecutor who owns a gun, five pit bull terriers and a cocker spaniel.

Massey admits she left the front door unlocked as she was tending to her garden in the backyard.

“I take responsibility for this,” she said. “It was stupid for me to leave the door open. I had my dogs with me in the backyard and I kind of had a false sense of security. I don’t anymore. I am very aware that crime can happen to anyone at any time.”

Webster later pleaded guilty. He has felony convictions for burglary of a building, delivery cocaine and credit card abuse. Thanks to those prior convictions and others, Webster won’t be eligible for parole for 10 years.

Sources: Waco Tribune, NBC-DFW


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