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Expert Believes Mom Wrote JonBenet Ramsey Ransom Note

In a preview for a new episode of ABC's "20/20" reexamining evidence from the JonBenet Ramsey murder case, a grand juror from the trial has revealed he believes he knows who killed JonBenet, and a handwriting expert said she believes JonBenet's mother wrote the ransom note.

The grand jury member from the 20-year-old case, who asked to remain anonymous, has said that he "highly suspects" he knows the identity of the killer, Daily Mail reports.

JonBenet, a 6-year-old who participated in beauty pageants, was found dead in her family's basement in December 1996, a few hours after she had gone missing.

Handwriting expert Cina Wong weighed in on the case as well, saying that she found "over 200" similarities between the handwriting in the ransom note and that of JonBenet's mother, Patsy.

According to Wong, who spent three weeks examining the note in 2000, the writer of the note used four different variations of the letter 'A,' and that Patsy uses the same four types of 'A.'

When the juror was asked if JonBenet's parents, Patsy and John, should have been tried for their daughter's murder, he responded that he believed they should have been, based on the evidence.

But he also had doubts the parents could have been found guilty of the murder. "There is no way that I would have been able to say, 'beyond a reasonable doubt, this is the person,'" he said, adding that it would have been a "waste of taxpayer dollars" to go to the district attorney.

The juror also said he and other members of the jury visited the Ramsey home. He said the basement where JonBenet was found gave him an "eerie feeling," according to The Sun.

"In the basement where she was found, it was actually kind of an obscure layout," said the juror. "You come down the stairwell and you had to go into another room to find a door that was closed. It was a very eerie feeling. It was like, 'Somebody had been killed here.'"

Police in Boulder, Colorado are reportedly preparing to examine DNA evidence from the case, tapping into an FBI database containing genetic profiles from more than 15 million offenders.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun / Photo credit: ABC News via Yahoo News

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