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Did A Psychic Just Solve The JonBenet Murder Case?

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A psychic medium may have uncovered startling new evidence in the decades-old JonBenet Ramsey case.  

For those who don't remember the details of the case, JonBenet Ramsey was a six-year-old child beauty queen who was murdered in her home in Boulder, Colorado, on Christmas day, 1996.  

According to her Wikipedia page, JonBenet was found in the family's wine cellar in the basement with her hands bound over her head, a nylon chord wrapped around her neck, and a skull fracture.  

Evidence in the case pointed to JonBenet's parents, John and Patsy Ramsey.  A grand injury indicted the couple but the DA never signed off on the indictment, claiming a lack of evidence to proceed with their arrest.  

A ransom letter was found in the Ramsey home prior to JonBenet's body being discovered.  There was no clear-cut evidence of sexual abuse, but none could be ruled out, either.  

As time went on, many in the public suspected that one or both of the Ramsey parents had something to do with JonBenet's murder, though many theories have been put forth. 

Fast forward to today.  A horror writer named M.J. Pack has teamed up with Amy Venezia, a self-proclaimed psychic medium, to speak with dead celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.  

The duo performed a seance in order to reach JonBenet Ramsey, and if their allegations are to be believed, they have uncovered some shocking new evidence.  

According to the pair's Thought Catalog website, JonBenet communicated with Amy and said that her mother, Patsy, was acting hysterically the night of her murder. 

"I see, uh… a, a, an interruption.  A hysteria.  Um, yelling.  Mostly Patsy.  I see a snap.  I FEEL a snap," says Amy, who is reportedly relaying what JonBenet is telling her.  

According to Amy, Patsy was harboring a ton of jealousy toward her daughter.  Patsy was herself a beauty queen -- a former Miss West Virginia -- and her daughter, JonBenet, had been successful on the child beauty queen circuit.  

"The darkest things you can think," Amy continues.  "The feelings of jealousy… feelings of, betrayal… rage… hysteria… needing to do something.  To stop the evil."  

Amy also states emphatically that JonBenet was sexually abused for a "long period of time" prior to the murder.  Some have speculated that this was the case, while others claim that what evidence there was of sexual abuse -- namely trauma to the girl's vaginal area -- was staged by the killer to make it seem like a pedophile had murdered the girl.  

If Amy the psychic is to be believed, then it wasn't just Patsy who was sexually abusing JonBenet.  According to Amy, a mysterious group of people -- some sort of secret cabal -- was behind the murder of the little girl.  

Unfortunately, the psychic did not go into further detail, except to say that the murder was "ritualistic" in nature. 

Patsy Ramsey died in 2006 from Ovarian cancer.  The case is still ongoing and considered an open "cold case." 

But if Amy Venezia and M.J. Pack are to be believed, the JonBenet murder case was just solved by JonBenet herself.  

Sources: Thought Catalog (2), Wikipedia / Photo credit: JonBenet Ramsey: Forever Six via CNN

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