Jonah Shacknai: Investigate Rebecca Zahau "Suicide"


San Diego millionaire Jonah Shacknai is asking the California Attorney General to investigate the mysterious death of his girlfriend at his mansion.

The body of Rebecca Zahau was found hanging from a balcony at the house on July 13, just two days after Shacknai's six-year-old son took what turned out to be a fatal fall down the stairs while in Zahau's care.

Police have ruled Zahau's death a suicide, and while Shacknai said he has "no reason to doubt" the findings, he said in a letter to the Attorney General: 

"(Despite the ruling) that Rebecca's death was a suicide, the unrelenting and often vicious speculation and innuendo in certain media outlets continue to bring further pain to everyone who has been touched by these tragic events. It is my hope that your review of Rebecca's death will serve the interests of justice by providing confidence, comfort and resolution not just to the families directly impacted by these tragedies, but also to the public at large, which has taken an interest in these highly unusual circumstances."

Zahau's family though, does not believe she killed herself -- they think she was murdered.

CNN reports:


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