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Jon Stewart Tells Media To "Stop Their Whining" About Trump (Video)

Former "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart made a surprise appearance on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" to discuss President Donald Trump and the media, and he came at the media hard, telling them to "stop their whining" about Trump.

Stewart emerged from underneath Colbert's desk during the NSFW segment of the Feb. 27 show, saying he had built a tunnel from his farm in New Jersey.

When Colbert asked whether Stewart missed providing commentary on political issues, he joked that he spends his days "yelling about Trump to the animals" on his farm.

Stewart began his satirical tirade against the president by reacting to the news that Trump will skip the White House Correspondents' Dinner on April 29.

"I can't believe the guy's got the balls to get away with that," Stewart said. "Trump lies more in one press conference than CNN does in a year. And this is coming from a guy who, as you know, hates CNN."

He proceeded to show three clips of Trump promoting falsehoods, such as his claim that the murder rate in the U.S. is the highest it has been in 47 years.

In Stewart's view, Trump's habit of saying the phrase, "believe me," during his speeches is proof that "he's lying on purpose."

"Nobody says 'believe me' unless they are lying," he quipped.

Stewart then shifted gears and spoke directly to the media, telling them to "stop their whining" about Trump.

"Hey, media: So I heard Donald Trump broke up with you," he said. "It stings a little doesn't it? You finally thought you'd met your match -- a blabbermouth who's as thin-skinned and narcissistic as you are. Well, now it's over. Well, good riddance I say. Kick him to the curb."

He continued:

It is time for you to get your groove back, media. Because let's face facts, you kind of let yourself go a little bit for these past few years. Put on a few Pundits. Obsessing 24 hours a day, seven days a week about this one guy. "What's Donny up to? Did he say anything about us? Do you think he's gonna come on our show? Do you think he even likes us?"

… And the whole time you're chasing after Donny, the rest of us are thinking, "Can't you see he's an a******?"

With respect to why Trump never became "presidential," as some media hoped he would after his official inauguration, Stewart said he as the answer: "Because 70-year-old men don't get less cranky or racist as time goes by."

Concluding his relationship metaphor, Stewart gave the media a piece of advice on how to get over their break-up with the president.

"Take up a hobby," he said. "I recommend journalism."

Since retiring from "The Daily Show," Stewart has taken up a hobby of his own, working with his wife to open a Farm Sanctuary on his property 50 miles outside of New York City, which serves as a refuge for abused farm animals, Upworthy reports.

Sources: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/YouTube, Upworthy / Photo Credit: Cliff/Flickr

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