Jon Stewart Calls Nancy Grace an 'Engorged Tragedy Tick' (Video)

'The Daily Show' host Jon Stewart parodied HLN's Nancy Grace tonight and her fixation with the sickening details of the Jodi Arias murder case (video below).

While showing clips of Grace during the Arias verdict, Stewart said: "No one relishes a moment like this. Nobody delights in this gruesome spectacle. Nobody slurps each lurid detail as if it were a perverse joy, like they were an engorged tragedy tick.. Wait a minute, is that Nancy Grace?"

Stewart then played a clip of Grace graphically describing the death of Travis Alexander, who was killed by Arais, noted Mediaite.com.

“But now the verdict is in, the trial is over, what will our dark mistress do now with no youth sustaining show trial to feast upon?” added Stewart. “Perhaps she’ll just return to the crypt.”

Stewart said that Ariel Castro, who is accused of kidnapping and raping three women in Cleveland, may be Grace's new fixation.

Source: Mediaite.com


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