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Joke Petition to "Shoot Gun Owners" Receives Support on College Campus (VIDEO)

Political activist Mike Dice walked around a San Diego campus asking students to sign a petition that would “simply repeal the Second Amendment,” “ban all guns except for the military’s,” and “execute all registered gun owners.”

Sound absurd? Wait until you hear the rest of it: many of the students whose attention he grabbed on the street willingly signed it.

The video shows students signing the petition, as Dice continues to explain his “movement”, which includes going door to door with names and addresses of gun owners.

Dice even proposes shooting the gun owners with their own guns, since they “love guns so much.”

When he approaches one student, asking him to “support Obama’s gun control law,” the student agrees and signs his name, birthdate, and signature before Dice even finishes explaining which particular law this might be.

As the video progresses, Dice’s comments become more ridiculous, and some students walk away from the ludicrous proposal without signing it.

The video launched on February 3, and has since then gotten more than 100,000 views.

Dice has said that people blindly sign the crazy petitions he suggests in most of these videos.

Last July, for example, he embarked on a similar mission to see how many people he could convince to sign a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights. To do so, he explained to those he encountered on the California boardwalk, would be to support Obama; plus, he casually added of the Bill of Rights’ relevancy today, “We don’t need it anymore.”

He has been receiving backlash from people who took the latest petition, video, and message seriously. “You wouldn’t believe how much hate mail, tweets, and wall posts I got from brain damaged people today who think I really want to take away their guns after seeing my latest petition video!!!!” Dice posted on his Facebook wall.

“They’re dumber than the zombies who sign the actual petition,” Dice added.

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