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John Spooner, 76, Standing Trial for Killing Black Neighbor, 13

John Spooner, 76, is going on trial this week for allegedly shooting and killing his 13-year-old neighbor Darius Simmons in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

According to police, Spooner shot Simmons in May 2012 after accusing the boy of stealing $3,000 worth of shotguns from his home.

Simmons was taking out the trash from his home when Spooner demanded he return the shotguns, noted theDaily Mail.

The 13 year old told Spooner that he had not stolen the guns. Simmons' mother, Patricia Larry, told the elderly gun owner to go back inside his house.

That's when Spooner pulled out a handgun and allegedly shot Simmons in the chest from five feet away.

Later, Spooner allegedly told police officers: "Yeah, I shot him."

If convicted of first-degree murder, Spooner would spend life in prison.

Source: Daily Mail


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