John McCain's Daughter: The GOP Is Dead


John McCain's most outspoken daughter made her feelings about Republican nominee Donald Trump known as the candidate wrapped up the last night of the Republican National Convention.

"The party I was a part of is dead," Meghan McCain tweeted.

The younger McCain gained notoriety in 2008 thanks to her blog, which documented life on the campaign trail with her father, the Republican party's presidential nominee that year. Eventually, advisors to her father -- Sen. John McCain of Arizona -- limited her public role in the campaign over fears that she'd go off-message.

Since then, she's been known mostly for releasing a book, "Dirty Sexy Politics," and for getting torched during a memorable appearance on Bill Maher's TV show, when she was mocked by fellow guests for her gaps in knowledge about American politics.

While Meghan had harsh words for Trump, she told People magazine she sympathizes with Trump's daughters, Ivanka and Tiffany, because she knows what it's like to be subject to media scrutiny as the daughter of a candidate.

"Of all the things I have to criticize about Donald Trump, his daughters are definitely not one of them," Meghan said. "They seem like lovely ladies."

Trump's daughters, she said, "are doing a great job and people should be a little more sympathetic to the fact that it’s their father and they’re going to take it a little more personally when he’s criticized in front of them."

Meghan's comments didn't go over well with some conservatives. One user responded to the senator's daughter by suggesting that it was her father's 2008 vice presidential pick -- then-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin -- who lowered the bar in American politics.

"One could argue that the 2008 Palin VP selection begat this Trump disaster," the user wrote.

Sources: Meghan McCain/Twitter, People, YouTube / Photo credit: Dodoodad

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