John McCain Argues that Stand Your Ground Laws Should Be Reviewed


Arizona Senator John McCain recently sat down with Candy Crowley to talk about the George Zimmerman trial. The Republican Senator argued that state legislators should review their Stand Your Ground laws, though that does not necessarily mean that he is against SYG laws.

Crowley first asked McCain whether or not he thought Trayvon Martin had received justice. McCain set the tone for the rest of the interview by providing the neutral response, “I trust the judgment of the jury of his peers of individuals -- I can’t second guess -- no one that I know of has said that this case was flawed, that it was corrupt, that there was anything wrong with the system of justice.”

McCain implicitly agreed with the verdict, but his answer primarily points to the fact that McCain supports the U.S. justice system. His answer could have just as easily applied if Zimmerman had been found guilty.

McCain gave a similarly even-handed response when asked about Stand Your Ground laws. “I can also see that the Stand Your Ground law may be something that needs to be reviewed by the Florida legislature or any other legislature that has passed such legislation,” he said, adding, “I’m confident that the members of the Arizona legislature will [review SYG], because it is a very controversial legislation.”

Once again, McCain is supporting the US legal system without revealing his personal beliefs. By stating the laws need to be reviewed, McCain is expressing his support for a democratic system that responds to the needs of the governed. It is entirely possible that this much-needed review will find that the law is solid.

How do you read McCain’s answers? Do you think that calling for a review of Stand Your Ground necessarily means that McCain is against SYG? Or do you think that supporting review is simply pro-democratic, while remaining neutral on the validity of SYG?

Source: CNN


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