John Applewhite Beat Up After Helping Restore Power in New York State


John Applewhite, a Lakeland, Florida resident, who went to New York to help restore power, after Hurricane Sandy, was beaten up by a frustrated New Yorker.

Applewhite came back to Florida with a black eye, a broken jaw and several fractures, reports WFTV-TV.

Applewhite said he had just finished working a 13-hour day and was going to get dinner with some workers when he stepped out of his utility truck and was attacked by a resident in the parking lot of a restaurant in East Meadow, N.Y

Applewhite said told WFTV-TV: "I didn't know what his intentions were. I didn't know if I was going to be robbed or he was just upset.  He was in a nice car, so I kind of let my guard down.  It's unfortunate, it really is."

Police are reviewing surveillance video from a nearby business to try to track down the attacker, who reportedly drove a BMW.


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