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John Adrian Handy Arrested; 2 Dog Fighting Rings Busted In Minneapolis In Two Weeks (VIDEO)

With her ribs showing and an infection under her collar, a chocolate-colored female Pit bull was one of the dogs rescued from an alleged dog fighting ring in North Minneapolis, reports MyFox News on Friday, January 31.

Five dogs believed to be part of a Minneapolis dog fighting ring were taken from the house of John Adrian Handy. “… Three of them were in the garage and two of them were outside," Sergeant Lindsay Herron of the Minneapolis Police Department told reporters.

The first search warrant was sought because the dogs were illegally owned, said Sgt. Herron, and a second search warrant allowed officers to go inside the house, where they found a treadmill and other dog fighting gear.


"He is not allowed to own firearms because of that conviction," Herron said. He is not allowed to own dogs over 20 pounds in the city limits without a permit.

Handy’s neighbor Tony Guscetti has lived next door to him for 10 years. He says Handy has been in and out of trouble. But he didn't think his troubles would be for dog fighting.

"Was I surprised? I was surprised. Because there weren't that many dogs, and it's always been quiet," he said.

Herron says dog fighting rings are extremely covert. She says her team is heavily dependent on tips to expose suspicious activity with dogs.

"They should call 911 or 311 so that either animal control or myself can investigate it," she said.


Leroy Longs Jr., 34, was charged in Hennepin County District Court with animal fighting, a felony, after his movements were tracked by police using a GPS device, reports the Star Tribune.

Police raids Wednesday, January 15, as part of an 18-month investigation netted authorities 18 pit bulls, a dog fighting training manual and other paraphernalia in connection with the underground illicit sport..

Authorities from multiple agencies busted the suspected dog fighting ring at Long’s home in the 7800 block of Angeline Drive in New Hope, which is part of Minneapolis.

Minneapolis police Sgt. Lindsay Herron said three pit bulls were rescued from the New Hope location. Fifteen pit bulls in total were rescued from eight different locations, Herron said.

One man is in police custody and is expected to face felony dog fighting charges. Police say the suspect rented the houses to keep the dogs.

Steve Van Tassel, who has lived nearby for 42 years, said he never knew there were Pit Bulls being trained to fight.

Authorities also recovered a dog fighting training manual, two firearms, and narcotics but would not say where the dogs were actually fought. Officers also would not say whether drugs or weapons were found at the house on Angeline Drive.

Investigators said the dogs were chained up in their kennels. Some had no food or water

The pit bulls have visible signs of fighting. One of the dogs shown to the media had scars over his face and a partially torn ear. Sgt. Herron says those participating can net $15,000 a fight.

The dogs are at Minneapolis Animal Care & Control and will be as the legal process goes forward, so they are not up for adoption. But if you want to help, you can donate to Minneapolis Animal Care & Control.

Up to a $5,000 reward is offered by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person involved in illegal animal fighting. Call 877-TIP-HSUS (877-847-4787). Callers’ identities are protected.

Sources: KSTP, My Fox Twin Cities, Star Tribune


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