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John Adams Killed When Police Invade Wrong House for Drug Bust

Police invaded the wrong house after they obtained bad information from a drug informant. They ended up shooting the man who lived there.

Tennessee police invaded 61-year-old John Adams' house while he was watching television with his wife. When Adams' wife heard the door being pounded on, she told her husband to get his gun because it felt like a home invasion. 

"I thought it was a home invasion. I said, 'Baby, get your gun!'" Loraine Adams said. 

The officers, 25-year-old Kyle Shedran and 24-year-old Greg Day, say they were wearing police jackets and identified themselves as police, but the Adams family must not have been aware.

When they opened the door, John Adams aimed his gun and fired at them. In response, the police fired three shots of their own, hitting Adams.

He was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center but later died.

In the midst of the confusion, the police handcuffed Loraine Adams and threw her on her knees.

"I said, 'Ya'll have got the wrong person, you've got the wrong place. What are you looking for?'" she said.

Police Chief Billy Weeks said it was a serious mistake.

"We did the best surveillance we could do, and a mistake was made. It's a very severe mistake, a costly mistake. It makes us look at our own policies and procedures to make sure this never occurs again," he said.

The two police officers are now on paid administrative leave.

Though Adams was African American, his family does not think he was targeted because of his race.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is looking at the case and determining why the police raided the wrong house.

Sources: Inquisitr,ABC News


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