Jogger Keeps Weapon in Last Place Anyone Would Look


A Texas woman launched a new line of sports bras that feature a knife compartment.

Jennifer Cutrona was inspired to create the sports bra after she went jogging on a trail near her home outside of Austin, the New York Daily News reports.

Cutrona was training for a marathon when something terrifying happened.

“A guy jumped out of the bushes at me and went to grab my arm,” the 35-year-old said. She quickly began to run away.

“He didn’t get me and I kept running and got away from him,” she said. “I don’t know what his intentions were, but it startled me.”

The scary incident got her thinking about new ways to protect herself, and she came up with the idea to design a bra that could help other women in her situation. The Booby Trap bra would feature a pocket to keep a knife for self-defense purposes.

“Two weeks later, I was working to make it a product,” she said. 

The bra has a pouch that fits a 3-inch blade, and retails for $55.

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A similar bra is available for women who aren’t comfortable carrying a knife -- with a pouch for pepper spray.  The products became a major success.

“It’s spread like wildfire,” Cutrona said. The success was so great that Cutrona was able to quit her day job and sell the sports bras full time. 

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The product garnered mixed reactions from readers on Little Things’ Facebook page.

“I need this," one reader commented. "I jog with pepperspray in my hand [and] a knife in my wrist wrap. It'd be much more convenient to tuck a blade in the bra. A gun is way too bulky for jogging."

“It is illegal to carry a weapon," another added. "Just take up self [defense] classes they can't stop you doing that .. You use that weapon and you will be the one arrested."

Sources: Little Things/Facebook, New York Daily News / Photo credit: WXIN via New York Daily News, Facebook via New York Daily News 

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