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Video: Joel Nevarez Orders Pit Bull to Attack Bride at Her Wedding

At a wedding party, last Saturday, Joel Neveraz, a wedding guest, told his pit bull to attack the bride, Brittany Schults and her new husband (vidoe below).

Apparently, Neveraz was upset about something at Schults’ wedding in Denver, Colorado. He left and came back later with his pit bull, reports CBS Denver.

Schults told CBS Denver: “At one point and time he was a best friend. Someone I thought I could trust, someone I thought would never let anyone hurt me. I begged and pleaded with him ‘Just stop. Bring the dog home, it’s my wedding. Don’t do this, don’t do this.'"

“[Neveraz] said ‘Sic her. Sic her, Skylo.' The dog dragged me to the ground and shook me in its mouth. Joel stood there with the leash in hand laughing, laughing that the dog was biting me."

The pit bull also attacked Schults’ new husband as Neveraz allegedly started punching Schults with brass knuckles.

Neveraz has been in trouble before. His mug shot (above) was taken after he was arrested for assaulting a peace officer:

According to his Facebook page, Neveraz took off for Boston, but some friends think he might be headed to Mexico, where his family lives.


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