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Scarborough Blasts Court Ruling On Immigration Order

Political morning show host Joe Scarborough has blasted the written decision of the 9th Circuit Court to uphold a temporary restraining order on President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration. Scarborough has condemned the executive order but also believes that the appeals court is faulty.

On Feb. 9, the 9th Circuit Court unanimously ruled against reinstating a travel ban that Trump has installed through an executive order. The immigration order had placed a temporary hold on the U.S. admitting refugees, an indefinite hold on admitting Syrian refugees, and a temporary travel ban on citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries.

On Feb. 10, Scarborough blasted the appeals court's decision. The talk show host explained why he disagreed with the reasoning of the court on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

Scarborough called the decision "laughable."

"There's no specific person with a specific injury that is specifically going to be addressed by this action, which usually is how you get standing," Scarborough said. "The 9th decided not to last night."

The talk show host asserted that the court decision "radically extended the rights beyond mere green card holders and did something the Supreme Court has never done and extended this to potentially possible new claims for immigrants.

In Scarborough's view, the 9th Circuit judges should have based their ruling on whether or not Trump had the executive authority to pass the immigration order. In his view, focusing on whether or not the order was justified based on a specific injury "would be like the court taking a free speech case and not talking about the First Amendment."

On Feb. 9, Scarborough suggested that Trump administration could draft a new executive order that would sidestep the 9th Circuit's concerns, The Hill reports.

"This immigration EO was a disaster from the start," Scarborough tweeted out. "The president should start over, have agencies draft it more narrowly, and sign it."

The talk show host condemned the morality of the executive order but asserted that the 9th Circuit's ruling was illogical, adding that the late Justice Antonin Scalia would have rebutted it forcefully.

"I hate the White House EO," Scarborough tweeted out. "But this court order is ridiculous. I've read the Ninth's decision. They're lucky they won't have to read Justice Scalia's reversal of their opinion. It would be brutal."

Scarborough has previously defended the judiciary branches' decision-making regarding the executive order. When Trump blasted federal Judge James Robart for placing a national restraining order on the travel ban, Scarborough asserted that the president had crossed a line.

"America's new president may not care about upholding the traditions of his office. ... But when the president tries to undermine the legitimacy of the federal judiciary, he must be told in short order that the White House is picking a fight it will not win," Scarborough wrote in an editorial for The Washington Post.

The talk show host added that he hoped Trump's blasting of Robart was only an outburst: "Because speeding further down that path would end in an ugly constitutional clash."

Sources: The HillMSNBC, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Morningjoe/Instagram

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