Joe Biden Criticized for Choice of Purebred Puppy


Vice President Biden and his purebred German shepherd puppy, Champ, have been all over the news this evening in reports about how the breeder who sold him the puppy has fallen on hard times, saying that she would "never, never, never again" sell to someone with a high profile. But we have a better idea: How about not selling to … oh, I don't know … anyone? With shelter dogs dying every day for lack of a good home, it's completely irresponsible to breed dogs for profit. Period.

When we initially got the news that the Bidens had naïvely purchased Champ from a breeder, we ran one of our popular television ads in his home state of Delaware titled "Buy One, Kill One," which reminds viewers that every time you buy a dog from a breeder, a dog in an animal shelter dies. We think it gets the point across nicely. Check it out here:

This past December, though, Mr. Vice Prez himself made positive headlines in The PETA Files when he announced that his plans also included adopting a dog in the future from an animal shelter. We even sent Biden presents in honor of the good news, including a doggy gift bag, spay-neuter certificates, and promises of more goodies to come when the new pup arrived. We hope he'll stay true to his word and make some pup lucky!

The Biden's high profile could shower positive media attention on abandoned dogs and shed light on the overpopulation crisis. Fingers crossed!

Posted by Christine Doré


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