Joe Azougar Survives Bear Attack That Killed his Dog

Joe Azougar survived a bear attack on the porch of his cabin on Saturday morning in Canada.

"I could hear this thud, this vibration on the ground. Then there was this bear coming towards me," said Azougar, who had recently moved from Toronto to a remote cabin about 10 miles outside of Cochrane, Canada.

As Azougar ran for cover, his German Shepherd dog ran at the bear, which killed the canine, reports CTV News.

"He started rushing the window [of the cabin], breaking the window and chipping off wood beside the window," Azougar recalled. "He knocked me down and I covered my head. He took my shoulder apart, then he peeled the skin off my head and started biting my skull."

"I could feel his teeth rubbing against my skull ... I was just screaming. I could feel my flesh being pulled by his teeth," Azougar toldThe Sudbury Star.

Fortunately, two women driving nearby heard Azougar's screams. They used their car horn to scare the bear away.

They later drove Azougar to the Lady Minto Hospital in Cochrane, Canada.

"They are my angels. Without them, I wouldn't be alive," Azougar told CTV News. "If it wasn’t for them, my family would be attending my funeral."

Azougar needed more than 300 stitches and will be kept in hospital for several days.

Ontario Provincial Police and the Ministry of Natural Resources said they killed the bear, which was presumably acting on its natural instincts.

"From a public safety standpoint, black bears are an unpredictable, wild animal," John Kaplanis, of the Northwestern Ontario Sportsmen's Alliance, told The Globe and Mail. "They're not the cuddly little teddy bears we see on television."

Sources: The Sudbury Star and CTV News


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