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Jodi Arias Wants Death Penalty Over Life in Prison (Video)

According to theDaily Mail, Jodi Arias told CBS News earlier this year: "If a conviction happens, I know I won’t be the first person to be wrongly convicted."

Today, Jodi Arias spoke with Fox 10 in Phoenix, Arizona about 20 minutes after being convicted of murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, notes

"I think I just went blank. Just, umm, I don't know. I just feel overwhelmed," said Arias in response to the jury's verdict.

Arias also claimed "there was no premeditation on my part," even though she bought several gas tanks and filled them before driving from California to Arizona, which prosecutors claimed was an attempt to keep her credit card number from being used at gas stations in Arizona during the murder date.

Arias also turned off her cell phone before she left California, which prevented any GPS tracking of her whereabouts in Arizona during the time of the murder.

"I was fairly confident I wouldn't get premeditation, because there was no premeditation," insisted Arias.

Arias said she understood the jury not believing her "because of the lies I told in the beginning to cover up this, cover up that, and hide to things that I didn't want to be known."

When it comes to a possible death penalty, Arias said she would prefer death.

“The worst outcome for me would be natural life. I would much rather die sooner than later. Longevity runs in my family, and I don’t want to spend the rest of my natural life in one place," said Arias.

"You know I’m pretty healthy, I don’t smoke, and I would probably live a long time. So that’s not something I’m looking forward to. I said years ago that I’d rather get death than life, and that’s still true today. I believe that death is the ultimate freedom, so I’d rather just have my freedom as soon as I can get it.”

Tomorrow Arias' lawyers will either argue for or against the death penalty, which prosecutors have sought since day one of the trial.

Arias' Twitter page, which she has tweeted on with the help of a friend, has been taken down.  Arias used it to sell her art and attack people such as HLN's Nancy Grace.

Source: and Daily Mail


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