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Jodi Arias Says She Feels 'Betrayed' by Jury (Video)

Convicted murderer Jodi Arias could face the death penalty as early as today, so last night she gave what may be her last interviews to ABC News and NBC News.

Yesterday, Arias asked the jury not to give her the death penalty, which had been her choice for years.

During the ABC News interview, Arias was asked how she felt about the jury that convicted her of murder (video below), noted

“I feel a little betrayed by them,” Arias said. “I don’t dislike them, I just was really hoping they would see things for what they are. And I don’t think that they did.”

Arias did not mention exactly what the jury failed to see.

When asked why she didn't say "I'm sorry" to victim Travis Alexander's family, Arias claimed that she had, but was fact-checked on the spot by ABC News that she never used the words "I'm sorry."

In response, Arias said: "I'm sorry I didn't say that because certainly I am sorry.  I think in a sense the words 'I'm sorry' just seem meaningless especially since nobody believes what I’m saying anyway.”

Arias was also asked why she changed her appearance from blonde bombshell to a very demure look.

She said the lack of Clairol hair coloring was the reason along with courtroom protocol. ABC news noted that Arias did not want to be seen in her prison garb during the interview and ditched her glasses.

Arias has said often that she wanted to give Alexander's family closure, but when asked why she wouldn't choose the death penalty to provide that closure, Arias said she was seeking life in prison for her family.

When asked if she would ever tell the truth about what actually happened on the day of the murder, Arias insisted she had and called ABC News' reporter Ryan Owens a "hater."



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