Jodi Arias Flip Flops, Wants Life in Prison (Video)

Convicted murderer Jodi Arias has said many times that she would prefer the death penalty to life in prison.

She most recently made this statement to Fox 10 Phoenix only twenty minutes after a jury found her guilty on May 8 in the murder of Travis Alexander (video below).

However, today, Arias told the jury that she wanted life in prison and asked them not to punish her family for her actions, reportedUSA Today (video below).

Last week, the jury voted that the murder of Alexander by Arias was committed in an "especially cruel manner," making her eligible for the death penalty.

Arias tried to explain her new position on the death penalty to the jury.

"Each time I said that, I meant it, but I lacked perspective," said Arias. "Until very recently, I could not imagine standing before you and asking you to give me life."

Arias showed pictures of herself with her family on Christmas and talked about all the missed opportunities in life that she will have to endure.

Alexander was found shot once and stabbed 27 times in in his Mesa, Arizona home in 2008.

Source: USA Today


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