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Jodi Arias Claims HLN’s Nancy Grace Mocks 'Domestic Violence'

Accused murderer Jodi Arias has been releasing statements on a Twitter account via her friend Donavan Bering, whom she calls almost daily.

Arias has been accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008 with a gunshot and 27 knife stabbings, which Arias claims was done in self-defense while Alexander was in the shower.

Arias also claims that she was abused by Alexander, although she did not mention any abuse in her diary or contact authorities for years.

In the past, Arias has taken shots at prosecutor Juan Martinez and HLN's Nancy Grace on Twitter. 

On Monday Arias accused Grace, who has been covering the trial, of mocking and setting back "the cause of all women who have survived domestic violence," reports

Arias tweeted: "N. DisGrace has set back the cause of all women who have survived domestic violence. Her circus makes a mockery of something very serious."

Arias also seemed to blame Alexander's family for this "disaster" when she tweeted on Monday: "I would have signed a plea years ago to avoid this disaster, but I was refused a plea as the State and the family refused to settle."

A Phoenix, Arizona jury is deliberating her case this week. If convicted, Arias could get the death penalty.

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