Jodi Arias Admits to Lying, Says She’s Innocent of First Degree Murder

Jodi Arias has admitted in court that she lied for years about having nothing to do with the killing of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander.

Alexander was stabbed 27 times, had his throat slashed and was shot in the head. Arias has confessed to the killing, but claims that it was self-defense. On Monday prosecutors, who are seeking a conviction for first degree murder, confronted her about the multitude of lies that she told in the aftermath of Alexander’s death. Although Arias owned up to her lies, she still maintains that she is innocent of the first degree murder charge.  

“It's the truth. I'm innocent of that charge,” Arias said to prosecutor Juan Martinez. According to ABC News, Arias could be facing a death sentence if she is found guilty.

Martinez and Arias went back and forth in the courtroom. Martinez used Arias' diary entries and text messages to show that she contradicted herself in her claims that Alexander was abusive towards her. Arias had specified a day that she and Alexander were riding in his car and he hit her in the neck. Martinez found the diary entry from that day and pointed out that she had not recorded the incident.

“This entry does not corroborate what you told us happened in the car,” he said. “With regard to the (choking incident) you didn't call police. You didn't tell anyone about it. There is no corroboration anywhere in your journal. All we have is your word. Are there photos? Any other writings? Is there a police report? Is there a medical report?”

At another point during the day, Martinez asked Arias: “You truly believe that you didn't do anything wrong here?”

“I believed that I knew that I was not guilty of first-degree murder and I did plan to be dead,” she answered. She has previously claimed that she planned to commit suicide.

Prosecutors also played video of Arias’ police interrogation and a TV interview in which she said things that she has since admitted are not true.

Source: (ABC News)


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