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Jobless Migrant Father Of Eight Might Have More Kids

A jobless French migrant living off benefits in the U.K. with his wife and his eight children says he wouldn't rule out having more children.

Arnold Sube made headlines after he and his family requested something larger than the three-bedroom home they shared in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, then subsequently turned down three offers from the government for larger homes because he didn't feel they were large enough.

The Luton Borough Council has threatened to evict the Sube family if they do not accept the next home offered to them, reports the Daily Mail.

Sube moved to the U.K. from Paris in 2012 to study mental health nursing. He gave up his job to go to school and has since relied on government benefits to support himself and his family.

The father says he moved to the U.K. with nearly $20,000 in savings, which he spent in his first few months, and then applied for benefits.

"I love working. I have been working for the last 13 years," Sube told Daily Star. "My intention was just to live and study while my family were still in France but my wife couldn't do it. I rented a five bedroom house here to give my kids the same standard of life but I couldn't keep it."

The family's $1,700-per-month rent is paid for by the Luton Borough Council. The father recently turned down a five-bedroom house because he said, "There wasn't space for the things of 10 people," adding, "It didn't even have a dining room."

When asked if he would consider adding more children to his family, Sube said, "You never know."

The father said moving his family to a larger home would help the British economy. 

"When my children are working, how much will the government be collecting in taxes from them?" he said. "The government will benefit from us living here in better conditions."

Sube says that the government has a "duty" to find his family a bigger house, but said that he "might" be willing to settle for a five-bedroom house.

"I know we are entitled to a six-bedroom property for a family our size," he said. "But I know it might be difficult so we might have to accept a five-bed for now."

Sources: Daily StarDaily Mail / Photo credit: MK Citizen/SWNS via Daily Mail

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