Joan Ranquet Uses Telepathic Powers To Locate Missing Horse

A horse that went missing in Washington State was discovered and rescued after her owner enlisted the help of a telepathist.

When 4-year-old Gemma went missing, Saddle Rock Stables owner Barbara Linstedt contacted professional communicator Joan Ranquet. Ranquet used her telepathic powers to help locate the stranded animal in a nearby ravine.

After they noticed that Gemma was gone, Linstedt and several caretakers spent hours searching for her. They couldn’t seem to find her anywhere and soon alerted neighbors about the situation.

That’s when Linstedt decided to reach out to Ranquet, who allegedly has a history of successfully communicating with horses using telepathy, The Inquisitr reported.

“I just got some pictures and words and feelings — I got a sense of where she was. It’s the process of telepathy, which is something that we all do. But I got good at it. I didn’t hear a lot of words. It was more just a sense of those pictures and the sounds,” Ranquet said of her technique.

Using her powers, Ranquet pointed rescuers in the direction of the stranded horse. Rescuers had to use a harness and a pulley system in order to get Gemma to safety. She had fallen more than 70 feet.

Linstedt believes they wouldn’t have found her horse without Ranquet’s help. “She fell over a big downed tree. I have no idea how she survived, let alone didn’t break a couple legs,” said Linstedt. “It’s amazing. It’s an absolute miracle that we found her and got her out.”

Sources: The Inquisitr, The Seattle Times


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