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Jmyha Rickman, 8, Handcuffed and Thrown in Jail for 2 Hours

Apparently timeouts just aren’t cutting it anymore. 8-year-old Jmyha Rickman was reportedly handcuffed and held by Alton Police for two hours after throwing a tantrum at Love Joy Elementary School in Illinois on Tuesday morning.

According to KMOV, police say they received a call from the school claiming a child was out of control, tearing up two classrooms. Once police arrived, they handcuffed Rickman and took her in the back of a police car to the police station. Rickman was said to have thrown tantrums at school before.

Rickman's hands were cuffed behind her back and the police would not allow her to get her coat, reports KMOV.

“Her eyes were swollen from her crying and her wrists had welts on them,” Rickman’s guardian Nehemiah Keeton said. “They cuffed her feet too and she asked to use the restroom several times and was ignored.”

The police deny some of the family’s claims and say that the child was put in a juvenile detention room with supervision.

School officials could not be found for comment and, despite the controversy, the police officer responsible for Rickman's arrest believes he took appropriate action.

“This is something that I don’t’ feel like any 7 or 8 year old – I mean, she didn’t have a weapon threatening to harm anybody,” Keeton countered.

News outlets in Illinois will continue to seek information from the school district and police.



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