J.K. Simmons Gets Ripped For Upcoming Movie Role

Many actors are known for undergoing physical transformations in preparation for an upcoming role, but J.K. Simmons may have just taken that type of dedication to a whole new level. 

SB Nation reports that Simmons, the Oscar-winning actor from such films as Spiderman and Whiplash, as well as the TV series Oz, is currently slated to play Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming Justice League movie.  His role is reportedly not that big, but that hasn't stopped Simmons from hitting the gym religiously in an attempt to bulk himself up. 

Photos taken by his friend, U.S. Marine Aaron Williamson, show Simmons' transformation into a 61-year-old chunk of chiseled granite.  

"Saturday morning, 61 years old & making the young generation jealous.  This is what dedication looks like," wrote Williamson on his Twitter account.  

Online portal Uproxx has posted the photos to its Facebook page, where fans are expressing awe at the actor's transformation and work ethic.  

"Who needs Batman when you have 'Gym' Gordon!?" one commentator quipped.  

"Looks like some gnarly old moonshining biker or some homeless person muscled up from moving stolen copper," another commentator added. 

No word yet from Simmons on his specific diet and exercise regimen, but we're willing to bet there are a ton of bicep curls and protein shakes involved.  

Sources: Uproxx/Facebook, SB Nation / Photo credits: Heroic Hollywood, SB Nation

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