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Jimmy Kimmel Involved In Serious Car Crash (Photos)

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Jimmy Kimmel Involved In Serious Car Crash (Photos) Promo Image

Late night show host Jimmy Kimmel was involved in a car accident that left nobody injured but saw significant damage to his BMW.

He was reportedly trying to make a left turn onto Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles despite there being a "right turn only" sign. It was then that he crashed head-on with another vehicle, reportedly causing the airbags in both bags to deploy.

TMZ caught Kimmel on the scene of the crash making a phone call after the collision took place, with firefighters and police authorities on the scene, as well.

Prior to the accident, Kimmel conducted a controversial interview with Stormy Daniels, the porn star accused of being paid $130,000 to remain quiet about an affair with President Donald Trump. Kimmel asked Daniels about a statement that was said to be written and released by her that denied the affair and the alleged hush money; Daniels denied ever having written the statement.

Some readers reacted to the crash by going so far as to point to karma as the reason behind it -- particularly for Kimmel's anti-Trump stance.

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"Jimmy thinks he is so smart and better then everyone else and does not have to follow the rules and laws. He is such a idiot. He laughs at everyone else's pain. But now the can laugh at Jimmy the jerk," one TMZ reader commented.

A Daily Mail reader had quite a bit to say:

Even God does not want to hear your toxic rhetoric so he is finding a way to get your attention! Hard to believe that tone deaf, or just simply evil, Hollywood, elected to have such as Kimmel host the academy awards. Willing to bet that viewership is way, way down from even low -watching years. Hope that all who support Goodness and Light will boycott this show which only serves as a vehicle for Communist- supporting -morally -challenged bots to talk smack about our President. Soon they will get the message that their views are not of the mainstream and they cannot win this war of ideologies.

"Blame Trump !!! Spend your life making fun of innocent people then when it’s your kid you want sympathy. Man up wimp," another reader added.

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Others defended Kimmel against the people who called the accident karma for criticizing Trump, and particularly his approach to health care.

"Here come all the trumpsters hating on Jimmy Kimmel. All I tried to do was get good insurance for everybody and especially for sick children," one reader commented.

Sources: Daily Mail, TMZ / Featured Image: Selma Usuk via Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: TMZ/Mega via Daily Mail 

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