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Jimmy John's Fires Employee Who Refused To Serve Police Officer

An employee of Jimmy John’s sandwich shop in Edina, Minnesota, was fired after he refused to serve a local police officer.

A man who claims to work for the Edina Police Department posted to Jimmy John’s Facebook page that the officer tried to buy a sandwich but was turned away.

The employee reportedly refused to serve the officer because Edina police have ticketed too many of the sandwich shop’s drivers.

Jimmy John’s responded to KSTP’s request for comment by stating the employee had been fired.

The franchise owner is now going to give all Edina police officers free sandwiches, an Edina spokesperson said.

In May, a Virginia Beach, Virginia, IHOP employee refused to serve a police officer, allegedly telling him, “We don’t serve your kind here.”

The statement was not racially motivated but directed at the fact that the officer was still in his uniform, The San Francisco Globe reports.

IHOP denied that the employee said “your kind” and affirmed that the officer misunderstood a joke made by the employee in question after being asked if the restaurant was open 24 hours.

Sources: KSTP, The San Francisco Globe / Photo credit: KSTP


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