Jimmy The Groundhog Bites Mayor In Sun Prairie, Wisconsin (Video)

Jimmy the Groundhog bit the mayor of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, this morning.

Jimmy was escorted with his caretakers Jerry and Maria Hahn in a limousine to Sun Prairie's 67th Groundhog's Day Celebration.

However, when Mayor Jonathan Freund leaned over to get Jimmy's prediction on the weather, the groundhog bit him, noted the Associated Press (video below).

After being bitten, Mayor Freund claimed that Jimmy didn't see his shadow and there would be an early spring. But Jimmy's caretakers told News 3 that the groundhog didn't see it and there would be six more weeks of winter.

In response, the City of Sun Prairie issued a statement that quoted Director of Economic Development Neil Stechschulte as saying, "We count on Jimmy to actually predict the weather … not just have an automated response based on current weather conditions like other groundhogs across the country.  After a back and forth conversation with Jimmy this morning, the mayor clearly confirmed Jimmy’s call for winter ending early."

Sources: News 3, Associated Press
Image credit: YouTube Screenshot


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