Jim Carrey Directs Gun Control Tweets at US Senators as Gun Control Legislation Looms


Actor-comedian Jim Carrey has released a flurry of tweets urging politicians to take a firm stand against gun violence as game-changing gun control legislation looms on the horizon.

He repeated the tweet, “Most want real gun reform.Stand up 4 them.Show them that a gov of,by and for the people has not perished from the earth.” He sent it to politicians like Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D, CA), Barbara Boxer (D, CA), and Ted Cruz (R, TX).

Carrey’s tweet probably won’t be the straw the breaks Cruz’s back. The Texan senator has been a strong supporter of gun rights and later tweeted, “Our rights as Americans matter most in times of crisis. If we don’t defend & uphold the Bill of Rights & Constitution, it cannot protect us.” Cruz has threatened to filibuster upcoming legislation that would require background checks on all firearm transactions.

Carrey has provoked a miniature uproar in the Twitter community. A few weeks ago, Carrey made waves when he released a Funny or Die video mocking Charleton Heston and gun rights advocates. Internet users and news commentators like Ann Coulter blasted Carrey for his gun control stance. Shortly thereafter, Carrey raised a few eyebrows when he admitted that his bodyguard carried a firearm.

Much like last time, members of the Twitter community have joined the debate. Jeff Green wrote, “Shut up, Jim. You don't speak for anyone but your elite friends. Most want our Constitution protected.” Another user added, “Is anyone listening to this has been? Super libs and hollywierd elitist = most people in his fantasy world.”

In all fairness, there are plenty of users who have Carrey’s back. TheLightwerkerz wrote, “taking a positive stand for good causes! WHERE ARE THE REST OF YA! SHOW YA FACE.”

Overall, Carrey’s tweets probably won’t provoke much of a change in the gun control debate – at least not as much as he did in Funny or Die video. The controversy around Carrey has already died down and he’s been labeled a hypocrite for deriding firearms while enjoying the protection of a gun-toting bodyguard on a daily basis.


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