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Jim Carrey Admits to Keeping Gun-Toting Bodyguard After Airing Gun Control Video

Do as I say, not as I do?

Jim Carrey has been called a hypocrite after airing his satirical gun control video.

As you may have heard, Carrey recently starred in a Funny or Die video in which he sings a mocking song about gun rights advocates. The video was rather tongue-in-cheek and followed Carrey’s signature over-the-top style, but the actor-comedian didn’t pull his punches online. He wrote that the video, “is abt u heartless motherf%ckers unwilling 2 bend 4 the safety of our kids.Sorry if you’re offended by the word safety!”

Yet less than one day after the video went live, Carrey tweeted, “G'morning!Hope you're enjoying Cold Dead Hand.FYI,my bodyguard doesn't have a hundred rounds in his clip.I wish u all a bullet free day!”

People can agree or disagree with Carrey’s gun control stance, but it’s impossible to overlook the hypocrisy of Carrey’s lifestyle. He bashes gun owners, yet he alludes to a bodyguard who carries a weapon. John Hawkins of Rightwing News asked, “So wait, does that mean that Jim Carrey’s bodyguard is a ‘heartless motherf&cker?’ If he is, what does it say about Jim Carrey that he employs someone like that?”

One commenter on Carrey’s Twitter account asked the comedian, “I love you I really do. But what are saying when you do a movie like [Kickass 2] that obviously has guns in it?” The upcoming hyper-violent movie won’t be the first time that Carrey promotes violence on the silver screen -- he used guns in The Mask and he played a super villain Batman Forever. Is this an extension of Carrey’s hypocrisy or is it just Hollywood escapism?

In any event, Carrey’s never been one that many people take seriously. His goofy brand humor is practically antithetical to the serious, dry, and dark comedy that you might find from comedians like Louis CK. But if Carrey wants people to take his politics seriously, he’ll probably need to step out from behind the protection of his gun-toting bodyguard and live a gun control lifestyle to match his gun control stance.

Source: Twitter


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