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Jilted Lover Buys $40,000 Worth of Movie Tickets

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A Chinese man whose girlfriend left him seven years ago has just booked $40,000 worth of tickets to the new Transformers movie to prove to her just how successful he has become. What's more: he is giving them away for free.

This move has sparked a social media craze in China as people attempt to see the movie for free, courtesy of this jilted lover.

The man, whose family name is Wang, claims that his girlfriend left him in 2008 when he could not afford to take her out to the movies. She then moved from their hometown of Nanjing to Beijing. Now, as a symbolic gesture, he is purchasing tens of thousands of dollars worth of movie tickets to prove to her that she made a mistake leaving him.

In the seven years since he was dumped, Wang has started his own company and, apparently, become very successful in doing so. Lucky for him, he had some serious motivation!

Wang entirely booked out the seats in four of Beijing's six IMAX movie theatres, even though he lives in Shanghai. This is, of course, because his ex lives in Beijing and all of this is to prove a point to her.

The man announced to the world exactly what he was doing and why he was doing it earlier this week, stating that he would give the tickets away to anyone who shared the post (as he wanted the news to reach his ex-girlfriend). In this message, he addresses his ex-girlfriend directly, saying, “I only want to say that you might have been wrong when you made that decision.”

As of yesterday, Mr. Wang's comments had been shared more than 110,000 times and drawn around 35,000 comments while more than 1,590 bloggers had picked up a free ticket, according to The South China Morning Post.


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