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Jillian Winoker Talked Husband David Winoker into Fatal Skydiving Accident

Manhattan real estate investor David Winoker died with sky diving instructor Alexander Chulsky on Friday during a failed tandem parachute jump in Ulster County, New York, when their parachute did not open.

David's widow Jillian Winoker told people at his funeral on Sunday that she was the one who talked him into going on the jump, which was done to celebrate a friend's 50th birthday.

According to the New York Daily News, Jillian Winoker said: “I can’t think of when he said ‘no.’ That was the problem. Maybe he should have said ‘no’ to me one more time.”

The service was held at the Temple Shaaray Tefila in Bedford Corners in Westchester County.

Jillian Winoker described her cautious husband at the service: “He would not drive above the speed limit, even if I made us run very late. He didn’t go out in the sun without applying six different layers of suntan lotion. I wish we could turn back the clock."

Winoker’s daughter Allison [one of his three children] recalled her father and displayed a Father's Day present that she was going to give him, a magazine cover with his picture on it and the caption: “Dad of the Year."


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