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Jihad Bus Ads in San Francisco Stir Up Controversy

Bus ads in San Francisco featuring Osama bin Laden and terroristic images have stirred up controversy in the city.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative sponsored the ads, one of which features the twin towers burning in the background.

One tagline read, “That’s his jihad. What’s yours?” referring to a reported quote by an Islamic extremist.

The group recently beat an attempt by NYC transit authority to prevent similar campaigns in their subways.

They have run similar campaigns in Washington, D.C. and Chicago. Leaders of San Francisco have condemned the bus ads but have not attempted to get them removed.

American Freedom Defense Initiative paid $5,000 to Muni to show the ads. The money is reportedly being donated to the Human Rights Commision and the funds will be used to study discrimination against members of the Islamic community.

George Gascon, San Francisco district attorney, said the bin Laden and jihad ads denigrate citizens from the Middle East. During an interview with ABC News, he said that the city is planning a counter campaign.

Initiative co-founder Pamela Geller said the ads do not indicate all members of the Muslim community support jihad. She said they were a response to a Council on American-Islamic Relations campaign.

Geller said jihad attacks are a serious issue that we should be talking about, as more than 20,500 islamic attacks have happened since 9/11.

Other ads also show scenes related to the Fort Hood shooting and the Time Square car bomber. One ad features a quote from a Hamas leader, reading: “Killing Jews is worship that brings us closer to Allah.”

The ads are to run for one month on Muni buses.



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