Jewish Newspaper Edits Hillary Clinton Out of Situation Room Photo

It is a photo that became iconic the moment it came out -- President Obama and others watching the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. The photo features Hillary Clinton covering her mouth, perhaps in horror, perhaps because she was coughing. But according to one Jewish newspaper, Clinton was not in the room at all.

The Ultra-Orthodox Hasidic paper Der Tzitung edited Clinton out of the photo, as well as the only other woman in the room, national director of counterterrorism Audrey Tomason.

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The editors of the Brooklyn-based Der Tzitung have apologized to the White House for altering the photo, explaining to The Washington Post in a statement:

In accord with our religious beliefs, we do not publish photos of women, which in no way relegates them to a lower status... Because of laws of modesty, we are not allowed to publish pictures of women, and we regret if this gives an impression of disparaging to women, which is certainly never our intention. We apologize if this was seen as offensive.

The editing violated publication rules on the official White House Flickr page, which said, "The photograph may not be manipulated in any way."

It also apparently violates Jewish law. "To my mind, this act of censorship is actually a violation of the Jewish legal principle of g'neivat da'at (deceit)," Rabbi Jason Miller explained in The Jewish Week.


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