Jewelry Store Owner Danny Malone Shoots One Alleged Robber, Detains Another


Jewelry storeowner Danny Malone shot one man and detained another at gun point when they attempted to rob his store Wednesday.

Steven Grant Cash and his accomplice Jordan Michael Echols entered the store around 4:30pm. While Echols went to the counter to discuss merchandise and distract Malone, Cash went to the bathroom to change into a jacket and mask.

When Cash emerged from the restroom, he jumped over the counter and into the back office where he retrieved the store’s cash bag.

Malone, who is in a wheelchair, ordered Cash to drop the bag. When he didn’t, Malone shot him in the stomach and threatened Echols with the same.

Police took less than a minute to arrive at the store and praised Malone for keeping the robbers in sight.

Storeowner’s daughter Meagan Malone said she couldn’t believe her father had been in such a situation, emphasizing his lack of mobility.

"My dad is like the nicest man,” she said. “He wouldn't hurt a fly and to know he actually knew he was in a situation where he had to, he's in a wheelchair. That scares me.”

No charges have been filed against Malone, though the case is still under investigation.

Sources: Wate, The Daily Times


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