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Drunk 'Millionaire' Removed From JetBlue Flight (Video)

An allegedly drunk passenger was thrown off his flight April 8 after announcing that he was a genius millionaire who owned six houses (video below).

David Brackett is the vice president at the Homeland Financial Network, a California-based real estate and mortgage company, according to Travel and Leisure. He was captured on cellphone video yelling at passengers and refusing to cooperate with the flight crew.

“I’m 28 and make $4 million a year,” Brackett said. “I own six houses.”

Brackett then threatened to sue his fellow passengers, claimed to have 20/20 vision and have an IQ of 176. He was then escorted off the plane with two other men who were also being disruptive.

Brackett complained that he didn’t sign a form for the video to be released and that he would sue the woman filming him.

“Go ahead Jay Z,” one woman said. “Bye Felicia.”

According to Daily Mail, the woman who uploaded the video wrote on Facebook that the three men started talking loudly about plane bombings and freaking out another woman on the plane.

In a statement, JetBlue noted that the flight returned to the gate shortly after departure so the three men could be removed from the plane. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Travel and Leisure / Photo credit: Anonymous passenger via Daily Mail

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