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JetBlue Helps Man Land Woman of Dreams by Airing Proposal on TVs During Flight

A couple who had been together five years got engaged recently, 35,000 feet in the air.

When Adam from San Francisco, Calif. and his girlfriend Taryn were on a JetBlue flight to Long Beach, Calif., they decided to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

But it wasn't a normal proposal, as Adam enlisted the help of the airlines to get the proposal onto all of the plane's 150 TVs.

The airlines played the video while flying. In it, Adam tells the story of how he met Taryn when they were working at P.F. Chang's and she at first thought he was arrogant. Soon, though, he convinced her to go out with him.

That was in 2008, and the video then turns into a montage of pictures from their five years together. Then the words appear, "You are the girl I think about. You are the girl I dream about. You are the girl I can't be without."

Then he lists all of the qualities he loves in Taryn, and the question, "Will you marry me?" appears.

After she said yes, the couple thought everything would go back to normal on the flight. But soon, passengers starting coming up to them and congratulating them, and once the plane landed, the company arranged for an impromptu party of Champagne, cake and a cheers from staff members.

On its website, JetBlue says they are "suckers for a good love story" and were happy to help a man's dream come true on their flight. 

Sources: Yahoo, MSN


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