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Jet Crashes Into House, Boy Escapes Unscathed

A boy survived a deadly plane accident after a private jet crashed through his house on Sunday night, killing two people and sending three to the hospital.

Neighbors said the boy had only a scratch on his head after the Beechcraft Premier I twin-jet crashed in his house in South Bend, Indiana. It went through two other houses before it came to a rest in the middle of a third house.

It was supposed to land at South Bend Regional Airport after it took off from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Four people were in the plane, two were killed and two were injured. One person on the ground was also injured.

The jet was registered to 7700 Enterprises of Montana LLC in Helena, Montana. It is owned by Wes Caves who also is involved with DigiCut Systems in Tulsa. He creates and sells window film and paint overlay for cars.

When reporters called Caves’ house on Sunday, his wife told them she thinks Wes is dead.

Stan Klaybor, a man who lived by the destroyed houses, said the plane clipped the top of one house, damaged a second and went completely through the third.

The neighbors did not know if a woman living in the most damaged house was home at the time. The boy, who lived in the third house, was not seriously injured according to Klaybor.

“Her little boy was in the kitchen and he got nicked here,” Klaybor said as he pointed to his forehead.

A spokesman for the FAA said there was “an indication of a mechanical problem.”

The neighborhood has since been evacuated due to a gas leak.

The private jet sells for $2 million to $6 million and has a top speed of 530 mph.



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