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Jessica Yates Falls On Umbrella While Drunk, Gets Stuck in Nose

Everyone has had a drunken mishap, where the next day’s injuries usually involve a few bruises or scrapes from an accidental fall. But one woman took the “drunken fall” to another level when she fell on an umbrella and one of its spokes got stuck in her nostril.

Jessica Yates, 22, was out drinking with her friend in England when they returned to their hotel room to sleep.

It was raining, so Yates put her used umbrella next to her bed so it could dry.

Somehow, Yates ended up falling off the bed and directly onto one of the metal spokes of the umbrella.

At first, Yates didn’t know anything had happened, but after putting her hand to her face, she realized the umbrella was sticking out of her nose and she was bleeding.

Yates said, “I was a bit drunk and didn’t realize what had happened at first. Then, as I got up off the floor the umbrella came with me, stuck to my face. I put my fingers to my nose and I could feel the metal sticking out. The tip of the brolly had gone right into my nostril, through my face and into my mouth.”

She stood up, with the umbrella still in her face, and her friend called 999 (England’s 911). Paramedics came and saw an entire green-and-black umbrella protruding from her face.

They took her to the hospital, where they were able to cut away most of the umbrella. They had to put her under general anesthesia to remove the entirety of it, which consisted of a six-inch section embedded in her face.

Despite seeming extremely painful and damaging, Yates only has a half-inch scar by her nose from the incident and does not need facial reconstructive surgery.

“It was a freakish accident,” Yates said, “and because I was drunk it didn’t really hurt until the next day. But I was lucky in some ways, the doctor said if it had gone an inch higher I would have had to have facial reconstructive surgery. They were so amazed at the hospital they asked if they could film it and gave me the end of the brolly as a souvenir.”



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