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Jessica Carde Squatted in Million Dollar Homes by Convincing Owners she Would buy

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A woman wanted to be a millionaire so badly that she squatted in multiple mansions in the Seattle area and pretended to be a successful entrepreneur.

Jessica Carde, 58, is now facing a dozen felony charges, but Seattle police have not found her yet.

It all started when her home foreclosed in 2006 and she and her husband lost their $650,000 house.

In order to pretend she still had the same lifestyle, she started living in luxurious homes throughout Washington state, convincing the owners of the houses that she would eventually buy from them.

Carde convinced at least three homeowners who were looking to sell their houses that she was financially stable and very interested in purchasing the homes.

She suggested lease-purchase agreements, where the interested party pays small amounts to the homeowner over time until they eventually purchase the home.

But she never paid more than a few payments before she started alleging that her identity was stolen and her lines of credit had disappeared as a result.

As homeowners realized she was not actually wealthy, she turned to authorities and filed false police reports after the homeowners threatened to evict her. In one case, she said the male owner said he was going to burn down the house around her, in another she said a homeowner threatened to kill her.

She did this for four years until she decided to take a different approach. She started preying on men willing to lend her money.

When she started out, she used to meet with homeowners with letters saying she was pre-qualified for a mortgage. But then she decided to print up new business cards showcasing her many talents.

She claimed she was an “international speaker, trainer, and consultant, personal/professional/executive life coach, neurobiofeedback technician/brain wave specialist, mediation specialist, health educator and instructor.”

Though reports do not indicate how she met one man, he ended up lending her $142,000.

He had a stroke in 2010, and his wife hired Carde for her “brain wave” talents.

“She said she could cure him with ‘brain wires’ and convinced his wife … to let her try. Carde placed electrodes on his head to ‘blast the clot away,” Steven Sherman, an investigator, said.

After some time, she tried to obtain a power of attorney letter to have control over his wealth, but his family intervened. Then she told police that the man’s wife was trying to kill him. She was soon banned from the facility where he was being treated.

Carde is now formally charged with four counts of first degree theft, three charges of mortgage fraud, two of securities fraud, two of second-degree theft and one of attempted first-degree theft.

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