Jesse Zorski Hit by NYPD Police Car, Gets Billed For Auto Repairs


Jesse Zorski was hospitalized after a New York City police car hit his left leg, caused him to fall into the side-view mirror and fall on the ground.

Zorski received a medical bill totaling $1,200, which his family paid, as he has no health insurance, reports the NY Daily News.

After his family sued the New York Police Department (NYPD) to cover his medical expenses, Zorski received a bill for $1,028.08 damage done to the patrol car.

The NYPD also threatened to file a lawsuit against Zorski if he did not pay the fine quickly enough.

Zorski told the NY Daily News that he believes the bill he received from the NYPD was in retribution for the lawsuit his family filed.

The NYPD claims the police car had the right of way, but Zorski says he was crossing the street during a green light at a crosswalk.

While the NYPD did not admit error, Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne told the NY Daily News: “The letter should not have been sent. We’re examining safeguards to make sure similar letters are not sent in the future."


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